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Hello everyone! Both new folks from conventions and old. This is a website for the Stacked Hand comic series, which just before last weekend I realized was getting to be a bunch of interconnected stories, and less the massive epic that I sat down to write back in 2013. That doesn’t mean the epic is any less important, oh no. I want to give you all a chance to see what the characters are like before that story starts. Mostly, for now though, just Lukas.


I had a story idea tossing about in my head for the last few months about another convention-mini comic that I would bring with to the next round of cons. I have a strange plan that involves a Gashapon, a japanese capsule toy machine, and bringing it with me to conventions. So, like any sane (strange) person, I started writing a reason for the gashapon to be with me. That short story started to balloon out, and before I knew it, twenty pages started to look more like a hundred. Which, I mean, isn’t really a bad idea, but it’s kind of hard to justify printing that many pages into a book on your own. That and I really wanted this comic to come out before the start of the webcomic epic.


So! With that in mind (and the mind that holy crap the stories that are everywhere in my head) I’m starting off the webcomic with the first not-so-short story: Blood and Secrets. This series will (hopefully) start up before the end of the year. On the one hand I feel awful for shelving the epic series that I’ve been reworking this last year – on the other hand, it gives a better space for me to exercise my storytelling without waiting so long for the finale. In the risk of sounding like Gabe Newell, “It will be worth the wait.”


If you’re interested in seeing concept art and progress pictures from what I’m developing for Blood and Secrets, you can head on over to my Patreon to see weekly progress updates, as well as pages as they develop. This series will be in full, glorious color, so come and watch me work out the kinks.
With that in mind, I hope y’all stick around. Zombie out.


2016 published on

I don’t like updating the comic site when I don’t have a comic, but this is about said comic and probably a few months overdue at this point. Ha. Yeah. I do want to thank you all for being patient with me about what’s been going on. I don’t like stopping and starting on projects, but sometimes, things happen. Mostly just organizational issues and silly little things like there not being enough hours in the day or something like that.

December was a hell of a lot busier than I thought it’d be and with a few unfortunately timed ideas (and flimsy physical form.) I am behind on several schedules. It’s safe to say that this week I am back to working at almost 100% capacity and I can say with a sense of vagueness that we’re moving along. Slowly. Because I’m multitasking (and that’s never a good thing) I’m also working on my gear for the convention season this year – check out my blog for dates on where I’m going to be when (and where I plan to be when). There’s also other stuff on my to-do list: redoing my Portfolio site, setting up an official store (prints directly from me!), and things in my own life.

When I get to a certain point with artwork I’m going to start up monthly livestreams again to show y’all how my progress is going. For official news before I remember to post here, you can usually check out my Patreon to see how things are – and get artwork from me each month too.

To put it honestly, I will get the comic done as soon as I can and as solid as I can when I do it. I thank you all so very, very much for sticking with me. Let’s make 2016 more awesome than 2015 was.

Soulbound – A Promise

Soulbound – A Promise published on

Good Monday errybody, I’m happy to announce that while you wait for Stacked Hand to update, my other comic, Soulbound, is available as a pdf here on Gumroad. If you like the TV show Supernatural but wish it had a far more diverse cast, then this book is for you! And for the next week (9/28-10/5) the book is on sale for $3!


If you can’t afford the pdf, Soulbound will update weekly over here until it’s finished. Hope your week turns out extra spoopy!

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